REDLAND Holding Group is second generation commercial construction firm that is committed to safely delivering a quality product on time at a good value.

Corporate Governance Health, Safety & Environment






Text Box: REDLAND Project Management Plan commits to delivering the project on scheduleRedland applies management, engineering, and construction technology to complete its projects on time. Our Value Proposition is the best-value, low-risk solution for the client, our team is composed of senior, highly qualified engineering and construction personnel working with strong regional supplier.                           

Major features, include:

Accelerated planning, design, and engineering.

Text Box: REDLAND project management, plan implements practices refined during operations in similar environments and incorporates proven management tools and techniques to add value.

 Accelerated site survey.

Early security perimeter fencing installation.

 Early purchase of Long lead Items

 Strong corporate HQ engineering support.

Project Management Plan successfully integrates management, procurement, supply, Engineering, construction, security, safety, logistics, and consists of:

 Management, showing HOW we manage projects successfully.

Base period work, complete according to all day work by frontloading the schedule with early purchases and delivery of supplies and materials immediately upon NTP.

 Delivery of the drawings 35 %, 65%, and 100-percent complete stages for timely review.

Site field office supported by Kabul Program Management Office (PMO), corporate Engineering and Construction Office (ECO)